Free Cell Phone Contract With Bad Credit

Monday, January 4, 2010

Free Cell Phones and Contract With Bad Credit History

How to Get a Free Cell Phones for People with Bad Credit No Credit Check No Deposit and No Contract:

Try a Privately Branded MVNO Cell Phone Provider that Guarantees Service No Credit Checks

Recently you may have experienced what many before you have already experienced…that is being outright rejected for a 2 year contract or asked to pay a hefty security deposit by one of the large name brand cell phone carriers because you have bad credit.

Today there is an ever-growing amount of people in the U.S. who have bad credit.These numerous people are asking about the possibility of obtaining a guaranteed cell phone and service with:

No Credit Checks, No Contracts, No Security Deposits, No Credit Card Requirements

Believe it or not this type of services do exist thanks to Privately Branded MVNO Cellular Service Providers.

The nations fastest growing MVNO no credit check provider can help you to obtain a quality cell phone and monthly service plan with the value and pricing of post paid cellular services regardless of your credit history, there are no deposits to pay, and even no contract commitments.

Privately Branded MVNO Cellular Service Providers give you the consumer the power to say:

No to a Credit Check
No to a 400, 600, 800.00+ Security Deposit
No to Paying Full Retail Price to a Cell Phone and 2 year Contract Plan
No to Paying 0.99, 1.99, 2.99 Daily Access Fees for Prepaid/ Pay as You GO Phones

Let's face it if you have bad credit, damaged credit or no credit at all it appears cell phone ownership is not a possibility unless you settle for prepaid GO Phone type of service, pay a "hefty" security deposit or pay full retail price for your cell phone and plan.

Privately Branded MVNO Cellular Service Providers realize paying full retail or large deposit is just the worst possible option

This is why the nations fastest growing Privately Branded MVNO Cellular Service Provider is offering you the following:

FREE LG Venus Black Slider
Touch Verizon CDMA Phone
No Credit Check, No Contract, Nationwide 3G coverage,
Unlimited Talk n Text for just $79.99/month

Add Mobile Web Service for $10/mo

Anywhere else you would spend:
Phone MSRP $269.98
Unlimited Plan $99.99 +taxes & fees
Activation $35.00
Blue tooth Device $29.99
Shipping $14.99
Total $449.95

Before subjecting yourself to a credit check, spending your hard earn money on a 400, 600, 800+ dollar deposit for a 2 year contract or paying retail prices elsewhere.

Get this Special Offer Now $229.99 and the phone is FREE with no credit check, deposit or contract today!

view details *Limited Quantity Available*

This is an ideal solution if you or your small business is suffering from credit problems. After all, this type of program does not involve any credit checks. So, as long as you are over 18-years-old, employed, even self-employed then you are guaranteed a cell phone with monthly voice, text, data plan of your choice with no service quantity or calling area restrictions...a service that is Powered by America's Largest and Most Reliable 3G Network plus it's BETTER than standard Pay as You GO services too!

There are numerous companies who specialize in providing products and services to those who have poor credit. Mostly companies that provide loans, mortgages and even car financing.
Now we can add bad credit cell phone service specialist to the list.Plus It gets even better these companies will also include the following complimentary services to your voice and text plan FREE at no extra cost.

unlimited nights starting at 7pm
unlimited weekends
nationwide long distance
caller id
call forward
call waiting
3way calling...again all included FREE no extra cost!

As such, with a Privately Branded MVNO cellular provider you will be able to have a standard monthly cell phone service, such as that which is given to people who have good credit without the need to pay a deposit or experience a credit check.

Before making the decision to pay a hefty deposit for a 2 year contract with the name brand carriers you need to explore all of the possibilities that are open to you first with a company who can provide a standard monthly cell phone service with no extra fees of any kind, value and pricing you expect plus Powered by America's Largest and Most Reliable 3G Network

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